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Trans Restrooms: Good Intentions Make for Bad Results

It’s been just under three months since Target, the superstore chain, made an announcement that it was “continuing to stand for inclusivity.” Its celebration of diversity, as they described their decision, would permit transgender people, or those who self-identified as transgender to use a restroom or fitting room which matched their gender identity.

The definition of “gender identity” is more fluid than gender itself. So when a man walked in to a Target store in April and asked permission to use the ladies room, he didn’t meet with any opposition. In fact, the store management offered to explain their policy in the event that women were uncomfortable with a male and were to demand an explanation. Andy Park was not even pretending to identify as a transgender female and posted a video of his conversation for the whole world to bear witness.

Target didn’t treat that as a lesson. More on that in a moment.

We’ve heard that a middle-aged male named Sean Patrick Smith, who calls himself Shauna Patricia Smith (how clever!) has felony charges of voyeurism for holding his camera over a Target changing room wall to film a woman in the next stall. Critics of Target’s inclusivity policy should not be surprised—the threshold for identifying as a person of the opposite sex is low—all it takes to identify as a person of the opposite sex is to say so.

Its celebration of diversity triggered a pledge by over 1.2 million Americans to boycott its stores. In mid-May, Target’s CEO was still quite uncertain that the boycott had impacted their sales. Investors, usually reliable with their own money, have been dumping target stock and have watched the price drop from a 52-week high of 85.31 to $73, a drop of over 14% in less than three months. The loss in Target’s market value is $7.28 billion.

A quarter of the world’s countries have an annual GDP that is less than the value of the loss in Target’s market capitalization. That’s a high price to pay for faux diversity and endangering our womenfolk.