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UK Budget Cuts: Pathetic 48% Raise for President Capilouto

11439760685_148561e410_mOh the sorry state of Kentucky higher education! Even as the state’s institutions of higher learning reel from Governor Bevin’s budget cuts of 4.5%, Kentucky’s flagship university has managed to squeeze in a paltry reward for its President Eli Capilouto—he’ll have to settle for a paltry raise of $254,500. He is on record as struggling with the lack of funding

Liberals in Kentucky are understandably upset at the cuts and the significant damage this can cause to the state of the state’s education. The Lexington Herald-Leader, quoted UK French Literature professor Julie Human as saying “It’s really disheartening… It’s hard to see how he (Bevin) doesn’t value this kind of education…” while speaking of the Governor’s disdain for arts degrees.

Photo Credit: US Army National Guard photo by Capt. Stephen Martin, Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs

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86 Islamic Terror Incidents Since 9/11

The Daily Signal provides a comprehensive timeline of Islam-energized terror activity, including foiled plots, since September 11, 2001. From the Lackawanna Six to a plot to assassinate President Bush, to relatively unknown plots to blow up a Wyoming oil refinery or airplanes with liquid explosives, the interactive chart offers a visual perspective with detail to match.



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David French Announces His Decision

SBNEO5Xp_400x400After several days of speculation, David French, conservative author, lawyer, foreign policy analyst, Christian, Iraq veteran, and husband of New York Times bestselling author Nancy French has announced that he will not be running for President.

In an article in National Review today, French writes:

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my country, and I thank God for the successes I’ve had as a lawyer and a writer, but it is plain to me that I’m not the right person for this effort.

French strikes a tone of mild despair in his piece as he talks of an America where “patriots are mocked and demagogues celebrated”.

Even good men have reduced themselves to excusing the inexcusable and defending the indefensible.

The attacks against his wife, the slander that emanated from a Politico writer and morphed into an unsubstantiated series of articles against the man and his family, would be enough to make any decent person back off from entering this year’s political contest. There is no room left for integrity, not in this election cycle.

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Trump’s Compelling with a British Accent

We’ll hand it to The Donald, he is vastly more persuasive with a high class British accent. Indeed, he does sound like an Oxford Don.

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Pres. Obama Declares June “Romans 1 Month”. Sort of.

In a proclamation from the White House four days ago, President Obama declared the month of June 2016 as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month”. He called upon all Americans to “celebrate the great diversity of the American people”.


While he celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision last year to grant homosexual couples the right to marriage equality, he inadvertently highlighted the consequences of the homosexual lifestyle—not so much as a warning to the homosexual community, but rather to chide others into affirming and enabling such conduct:

“We remain committed to addressing health disparities in the LGBT community—gay and bisexual men and transgender women of color are at a particularly high risk for HIV, and we have worked to strengthen our National HIV/AIDS Strategy to reduce new infections, increase access to care, and improve health outcomes for people living with HIV.”

Notice that the higher prevalence of HIV in the homosexual community is merely one of the “disparities” that America needs to work with in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen.

The book of Romans addressed several of these behaviors, and predicted consequences. In Romans 1, we’re told
Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.56.40 PM

The “unnatural relations” of Romans is being celebrated, yes, celebrated as diversity this month and every month. And the “penalty” in the same passage is diminished to the level of a disparity.